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We have launched this web site not only to help you check IP address and find out what is my computer IP number or what is my IP address but also help you to trace, track, locate and get any computer IP address in the world.

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Find IP on XP, Vista, Windows 7

It does not matter what kind of operating system do you have. Our IP tracker will help you to find IP in Windows 7, Vista, XP, MAC, Linux or any other OS.

Our totally free IP location tracker and IP number lookup service (aka IP checker) use high quality IP database to determine and show IP location on world map along with information's such as IP postal code or IP zip code (available only for IP addresses from USA and Canada), IP latitude, ISP, Organization...

Find IP Address team give you also possibility to find, check, trace and track any other location based only on IP number.

Check IP Address - Get IP Address

With our advanced computer IP lookup tracking and location finder module you will be able to find IP address location and all possible information from any IP address in world.

But you can find also usefull collection of IP tools including Reverse DNS, Reverse IP lookup, Whois lookup, Ping lookup, Subnet Calculators, Check Email, Trace Email then free IP range blocker to block IP addresses per country and IP range group module.

Especially our Email finder is very powerfull tracking tool which can be used to locate email address and trace email IP.

In future we will add more related module that will help you to get more relevant information. Check and Get IP address for free without charge is one of our motto.

Trace IP - What is My IP

TCP/IP allowed the Internet to evolve into what it is today, which subsequently has changed the way that we live and work in much the same way as its revolutionary forerunners such as the printing press, electricity, or the computer.

Today, a quick browse of the WWW allows us to see the significance of the evolution of the Internet. The Internet no longer is used only for academic and military communication and research.

Today, we can shop and bank online. We can look up our favorite recipes, play games or read books via the Web.

The uses of the Internet today are endless. However it is good to remind us that every computer IP is traceable. Find IP Address with free IP tracer and tracker lookup is good example how easy is to trace, identify en determine IP addresses from any computers in the world.

Find My IP Address (Internet Protocol)

In virtual world My IP address (Internet Protocol Address from your computer) is unique ID (identification number) of any PC connected to the Internet.

Because each network in the Internet have its own unique numeric address; its network address then is tracking of any computers pretty easy task. To find out "what is my IP address" check our IP Address locator

Reverse IP Lookup

Reverse IP lookup is unique IP locating tool to help you trace, locate and find out all domain names hosted on searched IP.
You can locate IP from domains and all your virtual IP neighbors and come behind which hosting company oversold their service.

Reverse DNS Lookup

A DNS database is like a phone book of host names.
Reverse DNS lookup identify host or hostnames that belong to given IP address.

Hide IP Address

You can hide IP address and at the same time change IP address effectively with anonymous proxy server.
Anonymous proxy server is best described as a server that services the requests of its users by forwarding their requests to other servers hiding their IP address.

If you would like efficient to change and hide IP address, encrypt your Internet connection by using very fast proxy servers then you can trust GhostSurf in such regards. Find more out about ways to hide IP address.


IP Address Lookup - IP Finder for My IP (WAN IP)
My Router IP Address (LAN IP) is: Find Internal Computer IP Address
My IP Address (WAN IP) is: WhoIs Lookup  IP BlackList Lookup
My Hostname: Reverse DNS  IP Information
Additional My IP Information - My IP Location Lookup
My IP Country Name:   United States  
My IP Country Continent: North America (NA)
My IP Country Latitude: (38)
My IP Country Longitude: (-98)
My IP Country Code:  USA  (US)

My IP Address Region: Virginia
My IP Address City:   Ashburn
IP Postal Code (IP Zip Code):   20149
My IP Address Latitude: (39.0469)
My IP Address Longtitude: (-77.4903)

My ISP (Internet Service Provider) AMAZON-AES
My IP Address lookup for show IP which belongs to: AMAZON-AES
My Time zone: America/New_York
My Local time:America/New_York
IP Address Lookup Location - IP Locator with unlimited IP lookups:

What is my IP address? - IP Address Finder Lookup

IP Address Location - Check IP

Lookup, search, get, find, locate, track, check and trace IP address with our IP Finder (alias IP Searcher). In comparison with some other IP locator sites we do not put any limits on number of IP lookups.

Thus you can lookup, check and locate IP addresses (IP numbers) for free and see visual position on Map with geo IP tracker. Furthermore our quickly test between difference IP tracking site's show to us clearly that our IP address lookup results are very accurate because of our high advanced IP locator.
IP Locator For Your Site - Find, Trace and Track IP Address
from Your Visitors with Free IP Finder Tool
To get and find IP address information from our IP Address Locator (see example above) on your site, simple paste this line below into the body of your file
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