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Domain Name Check

A DNS database is like a phone book of host names.

All these databases are linked so that when you are trying to get resolution, the DNS server that tries to get resolution for you might get directed from one DNS server to another until you either get resolution or you find out you can�t get resolution.

The DNS system is similar to an environment in which all telephone information operators are linked together so that your request can get passed to the appropriate operator.

All the URLs that you need to get resolution for on the Internet are in a DNS database somewhere. A DNS database administrator has entered the name and IP address into the database.

DNS lookup - DNS Records

DNS Lookup

DNS Lookup Tools is check tool for some of major DNS records such as A, MX, SoA, SPF...etc

DNS Records:
  • Type A - Provides a mapping from a host name (the owner name) to an IPv4 address.
  • Type NS - Provides a host (nameserver) name of a zone�s authoritative server.
  • Type CNAME - Defines an alias of the owner name, that is, the RDATA of a CNAME RR is another name of the owner name.
  • Type SOA - Defines zone�s property.
  • Type PTR - Points to some location in the name space. The RDATA of a PTR RR has no official semantics in the DNS protocol definition, but it commonly provides a mapping from an IP address to a host name.
  • Type MX - Provides a host name of a mail server for a domain specified by the owner name. The integer defines the preference among multiple servers.
  • Type AAAA is an IPv6 address that provides a mapping from a host name (the owner name) to an IPv6 address.

DNS Lookup
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