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Email forensics lookup and traces

Just because an email says that it was sent by God@paradise does not mean that it was.

It is extremely simple for a sender simple to fudge the sender�s ID merely by temporarily entering any old email address for him- or herself in the configuration of the email software.

It is just as easy for the receiving person to use an editor and change the sender�s name to anything at all and then save the incoming email.

Email header

In addition to the message itself, every email has a header that amounts to a sequential list of how the message came from the originator to you. This header normally complies with the standards set in Internet RFC 822.

True, some parts of it (although not all) can be deliberately modified by a sender who wants to cover his or her identity. In fact, most people do not know how to do this in a way that can escape detection by a competent analysis of that header.

Of course, the recipient can remove the entire header; this would be effective only if the remnants of the original header were also wiped from the disk, and the ISP that delivered the email (over whom a user is unlikely to have any control) had also deleted all audit records about that email.

Email Lookup - Check Email

Free Email lookup and email address protection tips

Protect your email address almost like your social security number and do not give it out except to individuals you know well.

Do not open any email sent to you by someone you do not know, and most certainly do not open any attachments to such email.

Do not use any Web browser for either email or for Usenet newsgroup reading. They are not secure enough.

Do not post to Blogs, forums, social networking site using your true name or use your true email address.

Check, Verify and Test Email - Free Email Lookup

Our free email address lookup allows you to test, check, and verify email addresses and determine up to 95% of "dead" or "alive" email addresses.

Our free emaiil verifier lookup is very usefull tool for webmasters who would like to search, verify and find existence of email addresses.

But email checker is not only useful for webmaster.

With our free email checker you can not only test email but also easily check, verify and find of someone did send you email spam using false email address or not.

This is unique email checker that test, look up and connects to SMTP server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server) and verify of a valid deliverable email address exist or not without sending anything to the recipient.

Check email addresses with our free email lookuop as you have never done before.

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