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Proxy Server

A proxy server is best described as a server that services the requests of its users by forwarding their requests to other servers.

With the help of a proxy server, a user can hide ip address, connect to another server and request a web page, file etc. The proxy server basically connects to that server and send across your request.

If you would like to try out proxy servers and change ip address, go ahead.

There are free proxy services available online. Proxy servers are incredibly useful; in fact more and more companies are making use of it. There are different types of proxy servers, each perform a different function.

Caching Proxy Server

Sometimes proxy servers can service request without contacting the specified server, it can do this because it retrieves content from an earlier request, either made by that very same user or a completely different user. Caching has some very well defined rules.

Web Proxy

Proxies that concentrate on the www traffic are known as web proxy. An important function of web proxies is that it, along with hiding IP address, works towards blocking offensive content.

It also serves as a web cache. They even reformat web pages depending on the user. Thanks to some proxy servers employers can track usage to employees.

Hide Ip Address - Change Ip Address

Anonymous Proxy

Anonymizing proxy server hide ip address and works making your web surfing anonymous. The Hostile proxy works like spies.

They spy on the dataflow between the client machine and web.

Transparent proxy servers do not hide ip address because he modify any request or response more than what is required for proxy identification or authentication. The Non transparent proxy hide your ip address because he modifies the request or response more than required, in order to provide added service to its users.

Many schools are aware of how kids use the internet and for what they use it. They all want to take extra protective measures to insure that at school, the kids are only able to access sites that are strictly educational.

They want to block sites like facebook, orkut, myspace, bebo etc. �CGI proxies� are special proxies. They allow users to access sites through them, sites which they may be blocked. With this you gain access to sites that your company may have blocked and what is more, it hides your IP address.

Hide My Ip Address

How to hide my ip address?
When using a proxy server all the data sent to the service will have to pass through the proxy server. Very often or rather always is the proxy servers set to log everything. Because of that is advicable always to use proxy servers of known integrity to change ip address or hide ip. Using anonymous proxy servers of unknown integrity is good for surfing on the Net but it is not advicable if you gonna to pass private informations through it (for example if you login somewhere, online paying etc...)

For the record proxy servers by themselves are not illegal, they are very much legal. They are actually pretty useful to hide your ip address. Of course if you use a proxy server that is unauthorized, than you are breaking the law and it is obviously illegal. The government allows the use of proxy servers, if it were illegal, it would not be allowed.

Change Ip Address- GhostSurf

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If you would like efficient to change or hide your ip address then You can trust GhostSurf in such regards.

GhostSurf can hide and change your ip address and encrypt your Internet connection. The best thing being that their encryption capacity is brilliant and as such your connection is always protected. It doesn�t matter which connection you use, because the encryption toll is so strong that there�s no way anyone can trail you.

Apart from this GhostSurf is able to erase all signs of your web surfing activity. GhostSurf is also renowned because of its ability to remove hostile spyware. With the help of GhostSurf you can optimise your security options because it goes a long way in preventing identity theft and credit card fraud.

With GhostSurf you can now secure your confidential files with nothing to worry about. GhostSurf has the ability to make you go unnoticed at all times because such is the anonymity power GhostSurf. The great thing being you can surf anything and no one will track you or know you�ve been there.

GhostSurf is an excellent tool to hide any ip address. This is because of the fast proxy server since GhostSurf use their own special setup server as proxy and customers surf behind them.

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