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Trace IP Address

The uses of the Internet today are endless. It is good to remind us that every single computer IP address is traceable. with its own unlimited and free IP tracing and tracking tool is good example how easy is to trace, track, identify en determine location of any IP address.

Domain Name Check

A DNS database (Domain Name System database) is like a phone book of host names.

All these databases are linked so that when you are trying to get resolution, the DNS server that tries to get resolution for you might get directed from one DNS server to another until you either get resolution or you find out you can�t get resolution.


System Information Tool - My Ip Information

IP Information - My Plugins - My Ip Info

System Information Tool is very popular and informative part of site because it try to detect all ip information and browser info based simple on your visit of this site. You will get detailed information not only about your ip address and ip location but also what kind of plugins are installed into your browser and very accurate proxy checker script that detect with high detection rate most common proxy server including very popular CGI and PHP proxy.

Ip Information - My Ip Info:

My Router IP Address (LAN IP) is: LAN IP Address Checking... Java is required for router IP address checking
My Ip Number:   
My Host name:
Remote Port:   29130
Ip Connection:   Keep-Alive
Ip Protocol:   HTTP/1.1
Method:   GET
Keep Alive:   

Ip Location Info:

Country of My Ip:   United States 
Continent:   North America  (NA)
Country Latitude::   38
Country Longitude::   -98
My Country Code:  USA  (US)
Region of My Ip: Virginia
City of My Ip:   Ashburn
CityLatitude::   (39.0469)
City Longitude::   (-77.4903)
My ISP is:   0
Time zone: America/New_York
Local time:America/New_York

My User Agent (My Browser Info):

Language:   English (United States)  - en-US,en;q=0.5
My System Info:   
My Browser Info:   User Agent: Ccbot/ Full Version Info: 2.0
HTTP Accept:   text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
HTTP Encoding:   gzip
Accepted Charsets:   
Cookies enabled:   
Screen Resolution:   
Color Deept:   
Screen Resolution without GUI:   
Page Viewed in This Session:   

My Plugins - Plugin Detector:


Proxy Checker:

(To speed up testing process we test only open proxy (including web proxy) on port 8080, 80, 3128 and 6588. Detection rate of proxies on these ports is above 98%)
Currently disabled
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