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Forward & Reverse IP Lookup

Name resolution (or simply resolution) is the lookup process in the DNS. Resolution of an IP address from a host name is called forward resolution or forward lookup; resolution of a host name from an IP address is called a reverse resolution or reverse lookup.

Likewise, a subset of the domain name space that is used for forward resolution is often called the forward tree, and a subset for reverse resolution is sometimes called the reverse tree; the mapping provided by the DNS for forward and reverse resolution is called forward mapping and reverse mapping, respectively.


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From the database transaction point of view,
DNS is a network protocol based on the server-client model, in which servers are nameservers, and clients are called resolvers. A server waits for queries on the well-known UDP and TCP ports of 53.

A resolver first sends a query over UDP, rather than TCP, to the well-known port of an appropriate server as required in [RFC1123], and the server sends a response to the client over UDP. TCP is used for some special cases such as zone transfer or when the message is too large to carry over UDP.


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WhoIs IP Lookup Locator also known as IP identify is fast IP lookup tool which will help you to identify an IP address and retrieve information on a specific IP address. Please enter only valid IP address to find out more information's about any IP address in the world and perform IP lookup.

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