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A DNS database (Domain Name System database) is like a phone book of host names.

All these databases are linked so that when you are trying to get resolution, the DNS server that tries to get resolution for you might get directed from one DNS server to another until you either get resolution or you find out you can't get resolution.

DNS, IP Test & Tools

The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the most fundamental components of today's Internet.

In fact, most Internet applications, including e-mail and WWW, depend on the DNS in some way.

This is also the case for applications that support IPv6 and for new IPv6 specific applications.

DNS is a global database system which provides a mapping from a host name1 (such as to an IP address (, or vice versa.

It is a distributed and hierarchical system, ensuring coherency as well as avoiding a single point of failure. The results of database lookups are often cached, reducing network traffic and server load, and increasing lookup efficiency.

IP Tools

You can find below collection of some most important Online IP Tools (TCP/IP utilities) including Ping, IP Lookup, DNS Lookup and reverse DNS Lookup, WhoIS, Email test checker, Ip Blacklisting, Subnet calculator etc...

It is very useful for any network administrator who want to solve most network problems and for anyone who is interested in TCP/IP.

We will try to add some other DNS tools in future (TraceRoute, Ip Neighbours...) to make this list complete. Our goal is to make this ultimate place for all Online Ip Tools. Be sure to check periodically to see of there is something new.

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