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Find Ip Address

We have launch our web site to help you trace, track and locate any ip address in the world.

Our totally free ip tracker and ip locator service use high quality ip database to show you not only your location but also to track any other location based on your ip.

Along with our ip tracing module you can find also usefull free ip blocker to block country then country range group module and advanced ip lookup who will try determine all possible information that any site owner may get only from your ip address. In future we will add more related module.


Each zone is served by one or more nameservers. A nameserver of a zone maintains domain names within the zone, and responds to database queries for the names. Nameservers are often called authoritative (DNS) servers.

Nameservers of the root zone and gTLD zones are called the root servers and the gTLD servers, respectively. One single nameserver can serve for multiple different zones. For example, com and net zones are served by the same set of nameservers.

Many zones have more than one authoritative server, particularly in the case of top-level zones, to provide redundancy and improve stability.

Usually only one of them maintains the master database, which is called the primary (or master) server of the zone.

Other nameservers, called secondary (or slave) servers, periodically synchronize with the primary server to provide coherent behavior. This process is called a zone transfer.

Country Range - Ip Address Ranges

IP Country Ranges Module

To use this module you need to enter an ip address. You can enter an ip address in generally speaking format but this module recognize also decimal format of ip address.

As for example ip address from server where Find-Ip-Address is hosted have ip address

Decimal format for ip is 3494662218 and does not matter of you use one or another format. The result will be same. In addition the ouput for requested ip will show you counry range for entered ip in both format.

Furthermore, country range module will show you all ranges that fall into range before chosen ip address and after chosen ip address.
Wild card is allowed so that you can enter ip as "208.76" or "208.76.80". Ip detection is very high and we can give right result in 99.99%

Input IP Address for Free Country Range Lookup Info:



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