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Ping (Packet Internet Groper)

The name ping is based on the sonar technology used by submarines and ships to locate other objects. Ping is an acronym for Packet Internet Groper.

The basic form of a ping command is ping where IP address is the address of the computer to which you'd like to connect. Web ping tool sends a message to the recipient computer using the ICMP echo request command.

If the recipient computer is present and operational, it responds using the ICMP Echo Reply message.

When the sending computer receives the reply, it outputs a message stating that the ping was successful.

Successful completion of the ping command verifies that both the pinging and the pinged computers are on the network and able to communicate.

Ping Test


One of the ip tools that help you determine whether TCP/IP is functioning and properly configured is Ping. Ping test utility is an extremely useful diagnostic ip tool that initiates a simple test of network connectivity and reports on whether the other computer responds.

If you notice that your computer can't complete a network operation or if you would like to know of other computer is "alive", the first question you should ask is whether it can complete any other network operation.

In other words, is your or other computer currently functioning as a member of the network? The Web ping utility initiates the most minimal test of network connectivity.

It sends a message to another computer that says "Hello, is anybody out there?" and waits for the other computer to respond.

DOS Attack using Ping

Denial-of-service attacks often use standard TCP/IP connectivity utilities. The famous Smurf attack, for instance, uses the Ping utility to unleash a flood of ping responses on the victim. The attacker sends a ping request to an entire network through directed broadcast. The source address of the ping is doctored to make it appear that the request is coming from the victim's IP address.

All the computers on the network then simultaneously respond to the ping. The effect of the Smurf attack is that the original ping from the attacker is multiplied into many pings on the amplification network. If the attacker initiates the process on several networks at once, the result is a huge flood of ping responses tying up the victim's system.

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