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Domain Name Check

A DNS database is like a phone book of host names.

All these databases are linked so that when you are trying to get resolution, the DNS server that tries to get resolution for you might get directed from one DNS server to another until you either get resolution or you find out you can�t get resolution.

DNS, Domains, and Zones

Domains starting at a top level (i.e., near the root) are particularly important for DNS operation. These domains are generally called Top Level Domains (TLDs), and TLDs are often referred to by specific names.

The entire name space is called the root domain, and some common first-level domains are called generic top level domains or gTLDs. Examples of gTLDs are the com, net, and org domains. At the first level, there are also percountry domain names, which are called country code top level domains (or ccTLDs).

There is no technical difference between gTLDs and ccTLDs in terms of the DNS protocol; the difference is in who manages the corresponding name space.

Reverse IP Lookup - DNS Test


Domain Name System (DNS) is the Internet�s mechanism for linking all the host names and IP addresses on the Internet.

In other words, DNS is a distributed and linked system of resolving names to IP addresses. The DNS system is similar to an environment in which all telephone information operators are linked together so that your request can get passed to the appropriate operator.

All the URLs that you need to get resolution for on the Internet are in a DNS database somewhere. A DNS database administrator has entered the name and IP address into the database.

When you use a browser and request Who Is for www., www refers to a service, and to the host name. The .org refers to the portion of the domain space where this host is found. A URL is a combination of the service, host name, and domain where the host can be found.

Reverse DNS Check

Reverse DNS lookup identify host or hostnames that belong to given ip address. If you want to find out IP address from domain then you need to enter domain without http:// prefix. Otherwise it will not works.

Reverse DNS Lookup:

Reverse DNS - Reverse Lookup

Second Reverse DNS lookup form use reverse IN-ADDR entry to find out decimal numbers seperated with dots into domain.

For example resolve to ip address but reserve DNS using IN-ADDR entry for Ip resolve to domain and it point to our hosting server

Reverse DNS IN-ADDR entry:

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