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The Site Viewer script use PHP function file_get_contents() which is very usefull when you would like to reads the contents of entire file into a string. Because of that technique you can view source code from another site without visiting website or load their page into your browser. You can also use Wrap for wrapping long lines from code. To be able to use 'Select All' you need to enable JavaScript!

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We have launch our web site to help you trace, track and locate any ip address in the world. Our totally free ip finder tracker and ip locator service use high quality ip database to show you not only what is your ip location but give you ability to find and track any other location based only on your ip address.

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Source View - Site Sources Online Viewer

Site viewer is fast and unique online tool that will attempt to connect to given URL and then show source code from website. Why Site Sources Online Viewer?

You have probably faced situation where you are redirect to another web pages or you have landed on some page where your AntiVirus alert you that page containt malicious code. Or when is impossible to see site sources because of some script that prevent you to see it.

Because of that Site Viewer may help you to check and view online source code without visiting web site and load page into your browser and risk to be infected with malicious code.


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